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Indie Alternative

We’ve been around since the birth of the term, Indie Alternative, and while opinions vary on exactly what that means, we thought we’d offer you a sonic sample of our opinions on the subject.

Punk Rock

The oxygen to the ember has long been punk rock music. Some some say punk is dead. We think three-chords-and-the-truth will always be around. Give a listen here and decide for yourself.


It’s one thing to rock, but don’t forget the roll. It’s no easy feat to create that perfect mix of rhythm and blues, jazz and gospel music that you can feel right down in your soul. Although the recipes vary, here are some of Pravda’s finest purveyors of the blend of soul we love.

World Music

Finding cool sounds has long been our mission. These songs mingle melodies from faraway places where traditions and cultures intermix to create something rare and joyful.