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Leading Ladies

Rock ‘n’ roll is far from just a boys’ game. Pravda knows this well. So we thought we’d let you in on some secrets that shouldn’t be kept. Here’s great music  from cool bands that also just happen to have the influence of the fairer (and let’s be honest, way tougher) sex.

Funk, Soul & Whole Lot Mo’

At Pravda, we prefer to think of ourselves as “direct” rather than “blunt”, but to put it quite plainly, if this sampling of R&B doesn’t make you wanna shake it, there may be something seriously wrong with you. So give yourself a proper funk check up by cranking the volume on this playlist, getting up and then getting down. We promise – it’s good for you!

Troubadors & Writers

John Lennon said songwriting was easy. You just sit down and open a vein. Pravda’s managed to work with fabulous writers over the years so we felt like showing off some of our favorites. The ardent lyrics and stripped down arrangements showcase the honest emotion that carries each tune.