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Diplomats of Solid Sound

Who knew Iowa was so funky? The Diplomats of Solid Sound do their home state serious honor by laying it down the way they do . These funky professors of jazz have got the sound of early R&B soul coursing through their veins – think Stax and Motown, Famous Flames funk – and you hear it on every recording.

The Imperial Sound

Skipper and Pigtail Dick of The New Duncan Imperials bring together a cohort of veteran musicians and friends to create The Imperial Sound. Their repertoire of songs is rapidly expanding, powered by brass, keys and soulful vocals. Keep an ear out for more to come.

Andre Williams

Andre Williams, The Black Godfather, specializes in greasy R&B that could make a sailor blush. Equally comfortable being backed by rock ‘n’ rollers, jazzmen, and funk soldiers, Andre delivers nasty hooks that you just can’t shake. With a catalog spanning decades, we thought we’d offer up his latest album, “Don’t Ever Give Up”.