About Pravda

Pravda started in 1984 as an independent record label and retail store. Soon after Pravda began representing artists for publishing and licensing paving the way for other Chicago indie music labels.

30 years later and we’re still at it like the first day we opened our doors. We couldn’t be more excited about what we do.  We are passionate about our current artists and continue discovering new music to license.

Besides representing the in-house Pravda Records label, we represent (exclusively) a multitude of record labels, publishers and artists for licensing in films, television, commercials, and beyond.

Our catalog spans a wide variety of genres from singer-songwriter to EDM, although we’re most known for our indie rock and neo soul artists. We also have tons of vintage and fringe music you won’t find anywhere else. African disco anyone?

We understand that speed is the name of the game. We can typically clear a track within 24 hours. Most of our catalog is “one-stop” for sync & master rights.

Let us help you find that sound…whether you’re building suspense in a scene or looking for a catchy guitar riff. We’ve got that perfect song for branding that will make consumers want to buy and remember to buy. Please email us with your list of demands and musical needs.

Pravda has an ever-growing list of labels and artists we represent.

If you’re an artist interested in representation, please drop us a line at info@pravdamusic.com

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ.